Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exciting Things Are Happening

Between yesterday and today I have been overwhelmed with excitement! Yesterday was maybe one of the best days ever, first off it was flag day which as an American is really cool, I know most may not even know or recognize the day but me having been with a "foreigner" for so long has learned to really, Really, REALLY appreciate all that we have here in the States. Second, Baz, the boyfriend, after living in the United States for over 10 years officially became an American Citizen!! I went to his oath ceremony and it was truly a great experience, one I wish everyone could get the chance to enjoy. Third, it was my moms birthday!! (She is 29 again, I wont tell you how many times she has turned 29 for her sake)

Below is the OFFICIAL picture... Baz, I am so proud of you!

And here is a picture of My mom, Baz's mom, Baz and me. Baz's mom still lives in The Gambia which is where Baz was born and she just so happened to be here on a visitors visa during all of this (It's her first time in the States ever!) I thought it was so great that she could be here for this event.

And today is my mom and dads anniversary! They have officially survived 43 years together ;) Congrats mom & dad!

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