Monday, July 11, 2011

Design Team Announcement

I am happy to announce that I will now be designing for Scrapbook Art in Lewis Center, Ohio. (For directions to their store click on their name and then click on the directions tab) As of right now their doors are closed and the store is being remodeled under new ownership but they will reopen on Saturday, July 30th, 2011.

I will be on their design team and for me that means I will be designing page samples throughout the store as well as designing page kits to be sold in their store. All page samples I do for Scrapbook Art will be posted to my blog along with detailed instructions so you can easily purchase the product there and copy the layout without having to do any guess work =). All page kits will be posted to my blog so you can see what I have made and then go into Scrapbook Art and pick up a kit or call them to have them hold it or ship it to you. All posts that include work for Scrapbook Art weather it be samples or kits will be clearly labeled as work I have done for them.

I am currently in the middle of 6 different projects for Scrapbook Art so stay tuned for these updates!

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