Friday, July 29, 2011

Your Funny Faces Page

This is a page I did for Scrapbook Art as a sample. I thought these pictures were really funny, one night while I was in The Gambia the electric was out (like a lot of nights there) so for entertainment we all started making crazy faces and dressing up as funny people. I love how no matter where you go kids are the same, carefree & fun...

**Sorry the picture is not the best, it was late when I took it and I no longer have the sample with me

Materials Used:

-White Cardstock

-Your Funny faces title

-Black Ink

-Adornit Photo Girl


**I ink all edges with a black ink

Page 1: On the Left
-White cardstock is background

-Take the pattern paper and cut the stripe strip out of the paper, then cut it in half (horizontally, giving you 2 long strips) & trim off 1 inch in length so the strip is approx 1" tall by 11" wide & corner round the left edge, adhere 1/4 from the bottom of the page
-Then take the pattern paper and cut the strip with the words all over it and then cut that in half (also horizontally) and adhere above the stripe strip
-Next take a white cardstock and cut it 10x8 and corner round the 2 left edges, adhere overlapping the word strip 1"
-Then cut out the scallop strip, cut it in half and adhere 1 half toward the right side of your page
-Then cut extra paper you have left from the pattern paper and cut (6) 2x2 squares, adhere toward the left of the page 1/4" from the edge starting above the word strip and going around the white mat until you get to the scallop pattern
-Adhere 3 buttons over the scallop pattern and squares
-Adhere "your funny faces" title toward the bottom left

Page 2: On the Right
-White cardstock is background
-Adhere the stripe strip and the word strip matched up with the page on the left
-Take your white cardstock and cut 8x6 rounding the corners on the right side.
-Match the other half of your scallop pattern and adhere matched with the scallop pattern on the left page
-Cut a small strip of the camera strip and adhere to the left of your white cardstock photo math 4" above the word strip
-Adhere 3 buttons to the right of the white photo mat above the word strip paper

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