Monday, October 31, 2011

Authentique Page

Today's post is a page I made using the Authentique "Journey" line. It somehow seems that I have reverted back to my old ways by not adding pictures to my pages-- Oops! Actually, over the weekend I was dog sitting (a little side job of mine-- that I love!) and had brought several new scrapbook items that I had recently purchased and figured I could work on while I was watching the pooches. I just didn't bring pictures since I wasn't sure which lines I was actually going to work on.

Authentique "Journey" Page:

Materials Used:
*White & Gray ribbon
*Brown Ink
*Brown and Gray Cardstock

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Halloween Sketch

Today I thought I would share with you another sketch I designed (Last night, actually). I am finally getting a good feel for making these sketches--- And having so much fun making them!!! It's Halloween weekend and that means we all have Halloween pictures that will need scrappin', so with that in mind--- Here is my first 12x12 Double Page Layout sketch themed for Halloween =)

I told you I would get better as time goes on! Lol-- I really am having a lot of fun making these sketches, I seriously could do this ALL DAY and not get tired of it, I LOVE it. Now, if only this could be my job!!! A girl can dream, right?!?!

If you make a layout using this sketch please feel free to share it with me in the comment box below or you can send it to my e-mail! I would LOVE to see it!! Same goes with any sketch I post. Have a great weekend & Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blitsy: The Groupon Company For Crafters

Hello everybody! I am overly excited about this post. Tiffany Henderson told me about this new website called Blitsy that will soon be launching and giving us crafters amazing deals like they do with groupons BUT specifically for us scrapbookers, card makers & all sorts of other artsy crafty people!! How amazing is that?? Be sure to go to their website here and sign up now so you will start getting these wonderful deals sent to your e-mail and wont miss out!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Minds Eye Layout Challenge 28

I am getting a lot accomplished this week!! Here is another sketch challenge I am entering, this one is for My Minds Eye-- a company that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Here is the sketch for the challenge:

And here is my layout:

I don't have any photos on the page yet because I am waiting to pick them up (I know, I am a slacker!!) but the pictures I plan to put on there are from my most recent cycling adventure that the boyfriend (Baz) went on with me.

For this layout I used the 6x6 paper pad from My Minds Eye called "Paris & Co". On the longer strips, since I was using the 6x6 paper, I had to cover where I connected them, I did that by putting a flower over where the 2 strips connected. It's very simple to cover any little "flaw" by adding an embellishment or title. =)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ahhhh Disney!

I don't know about you, but I NEVER get tired of Disney World!!! I know that I am more than fortunate in being able to go to Disney World almost once a year, every year since I was in the 5th grade. I am getting even more excited because this year (in 1 month) I will be going back to Disney World with my family and my boyfriend (of 6 years) Baz, who will be going with us for his FIRST TIME TO DISNEY WORLD EVER!!!!!! {This is going to be one thick scrapbook!!}

Below is a picture of one of my other "favorite" Disney trips-- A trip to Disney world and then a Cruise on the Disney Cruise Line to the Bahama's. This was a graduation gift from my parents to my bff Tiffany and me. ----Lucky, I know!!

And of course I had to re-show a couple of pages I have made-- I hope after this upcoming trip to Disney I will actually fill in these pages with some pictures ;)

All you Disney Nuts like me, be on the look out in December--- I will have TONS of Disney pictures to scrap so that means I will be posting TONS of Disney page layouts, so don't forget to check back in!!

Studio Purge Sketch Contest

It has been a little while since I have last entered any sketch contests, life has just been so crazy lately!! I am excited to get back into the groove and back to scrappin'. This sketch is for the Page Maps Blog contest that they do typically once a month, I love Page Maps, they always have amazing sketches!!

Here is the sketch:

Here is what I made using the sketch:

And this is what the full layout looks like:

I used the Authentique "blissful" line that I picked up at Legacy Paper Arts last weekend. I am IN LOVE with Authentique, they have great patterns and the colors are always perfect with a hint of grunge look to it.

Authentique paper is also extra awesome because they are the only company (that I know of) that you can literally split their paper into 2 pieces and can use both sides of the double sided paper. Seriously, how awesome is that?? Check Out how to do this on the Authentique Blog and also on Tiffany's Blog.

Other Materials used for this layout are Prima Flowers, and liquid pearls. Tip on the liquid pearls for those of you who are in love with Copic Markers as much as I am-- Stock up on clear/white liquid pearls, after your pearl has dried just color over it with a copic marker to match your page! (I will do a specific post on this technique next week).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Copic Class With Suzanne Dean

A couple of weeks ago Suzanne Dean, the copic queen (......I couldn't resist, it rhymed!) was in Ohio teaching a class at Scrap Happy in Tiffin and of course mom and I just had to attend. I love copic markers, you can do so much with them (coloring ribbon, clear gems to match your papers, air brushing and of course coloring the stamped images, perfectly blending everything together). The class was a lot of fun, I am copic certified but there is always lots to learn when it comes to these magic markers!

Here's my day in photo's.

Coloring using blacks:

(L to R) Me, Suzanne Dean, Momma:

Susie, owner of Scrap Happy & a fellow copic addict:

Mom during class:

Scrap Happy's La-La Land Crafts Stamp Collection (she continuously keeps every stamp in stock!.... and yes, you can call and have them shipped to you, shipping cost at your expence 419-443-0882):
Scrap Happys Diecut section:
Samples using the Copics:
Scrap Happy does carry more than just the La-La Land Crafts Stamps of course (largest/best stamp section I have ever seen in a scrapbook store):
And last but not least, the wonderful Copic markers themselves!:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Legacy Paper Arts

So over the weekend mom and I made a trip up to Legacy Paper Arts, the new scrapbook store that recently opened up in Powell, Ohio. This was my first time getting there and it was really easy to get to. Legacy is located in the small downtown area of Powell which is a really cute area with lots of local eateries and small specialty shops..... I loved the location. (Address: 232 W. Olentangy St. Powell, OH 43065. In the Village Pointe Plaza)

The shop itself in size is small but Joyce (the owner) has in my opinion made absolutely wonderful choices in the product that she carries. The layout of the store is very easy to shop, the product is neatly displayed and the staff greeted us when entering and was very helpful & friendly. I overall had a great shopping experience, and on top of all that she had the Authentique paper line (Blissful) I have been looking for!!! I was a very happy scrapper!

Naturally, I took pictures of the store, what kinda scrap-a-holic would I be if I didn't?? So here is a peek into Legacy Paper Arts from my cameras perspective, but please, do yourself a favor and make a trip there..... It's worth it!!!

Check out there website here for more information.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Apparently I like to lie about my Twitter

I must confess, I have lied to you all, twice. Don't take it personally because I lied to myself too!! LOL. See-- in my last blog post about twitter I told you all that the Twitter bird in the top right corner of my blog had been lying to you and was not really taking you to my Twitter account, which it wasn't..... THEN I told you I had corrected that little problem and that my sweet charming bird would now take you to the Twitter account you have been dying to follow (that would be my twitter account----not Robert Pattinson's! Gosh!!!) and that would have been true buuuuuuuuut I forgot that I had set my bird for my account but then seconds after doing that I decided to change the name of my account and of course my A.D.D. tendencies forgot to re-update my bird before posting it on my Twitter blog post, which ended up taking you to my old twitter account making me a Grade A Liar =(. Opps Again!

So alas, my sweet charming twitter bird will now actually take you to my twitter account, this time I am telling the truth, I promise, I triple checked it!!!

A major thank you goes out to Tiffany Henderson, who has this amazing built in detector that will catch any and every little mistake that I make--- and I make a lot of them!! Haha.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Making Memories Guest Designer Projects

Project 1: Frame

Materials Used

*Any 4x6 you have on hand

*12x12 Sienne Writ Sihouette Varnish

*12x12 Metallique Geometric

*Butterflies Brun Antique Reverie

*Gold Ink

*Gems and brads Brun Antique


*Trace the inner and outer part of your frame on the top part of the 12x12 Sienne Writ Sihouette Varnish paper where the words are

*Cut out what you have traced and adhere over top of your frame (Tip: if your cutting seems a little jagged or you want a more perfect edge after you adhere this on, use a sanding tool around your edges and it will look perfect!)

*After that ink around the edges with a gold ink

*Then cut out a couple flowers & 2 butterflies from the rest of your 12x12 Sienne Writ Sihouette Varnish page and adhere the flowers toward the bottom right of your frame

*Next take the Butterflies Brun Antique Reverie and choose 2 butterflies, adhere one at the bottom next to the flowers and one toward the top right of your frame.

*Then take the 2 butterflies you cut out and adhere 1 on top of your butterfly next the flowers and the other butterfly beside it.

*Next take the gems from the gems and brads brun antique and place in the center of all you butterflies and if you would like you you can draw antennas on the butterlies as well

*After that cut the 12x12 Metallique Geometric 4 1/4 x6 ¼ & place in the picture section of your frame

*Last add a photo!!

Project 2: Double Page Layout

Materials Used

*Light brown Cardstock

*Toil & Trouble black corrugated alpha stickers

*Baubles Sienne Reverie

*Black ink

*Black Bling

*Slice Cartridges: Noteworthy & Paper Reverie

*12x12 Noir Polka Dot Rose

*12x12 Noir Pattern Dot

*12x12 Noir Ledger

*12x12 Noir Floral Butterfly (2 sheets)

*12x12 Sienne Dictionary Collage

*12x12 Metallique Copper Geometric (remainder from project 1)

Instructions: (Note: All edges were inked with a black ink pad)

Page 1: On the left

*Light Brown Cardstock is background

*Cut 12x12 Noir Floral Butterfly paper 5x10 & 1x10, then cut another 2.5x11

*Then cut a 1/2“x12 “ from 12x12 Noir Polka Dot Rose and 12x12 Noir Pattern Dot

*Next take the 5x10 Noir Floral Butterfly paper and adhere 2” from the top to the right side of the page (Floral side up)

*Then take the (2) ½”x12 strips and adhere below that, then the 2.5x11 strip below those 2 strips (word side up) and then below that adhere the last piece that is the 1x10 (floral side up)

***At this point go ahead and repeat all of these steps for Page 2, adhere all the pieces lined up with Page 1***

Page 1: Continued

*Cut photo mat using Noir Ledger paper (cut according to picture size) adhered centered amongst pattern pieces

*Using Slice Cartridge: Noteworthy, cuts the larger flower pattern toward the left. Cut the Sienna dictionary collage 4” & 2”, cut Noir pattern dot 3.5” and last cut Noir floral butterfly 2.5” Adhere Largest toward bottom left of your page & each smaller flower on top of each other. Last adhere the white rose from Baubles Sienne Reverie on top.

*Using the same Noteworthy Cartridge cut the solid antique shape on the Sienna dictionary collage 4”. Then cut it just shy of half & adhere at the top toward the left side of the page.

****Cut this same shape 4” using Metallique Copper Geometric for Page 2

*Then using the Paper Reverie Cartridge, to make the smaller flower cut Noir Pattern Dot 2.5” & 2”, adhere larger flower to the right of the other flower on your page and then adhere the smaller flower on top. Last ashere one of the pattern gems from Baubles Sienne Reverie on top.

*Using the Paper Reverie Cartridge cut the flourish using using Metallique Copper Geometric 2.5” & adhere to the right of your flower

*Again, using the Paper Reverie Cartridge cut the butterflies. Cut the Noir Floral Butterfly paper 2.5” & the dictionary collage 2” (2 butterflies). Adhere the larger butterfly above the (2) ½” strips to the left of your black mat, adhere 1 2” butterfly on top of the other butterfly. Then adhere the last butterfly above between the flowers under the black photo mat.

*Last place bling in the center of your butterflies and place a title using the Toil and Trouble black corrugated alpha at the top

Page 2: Continued

*Cut Noir Ledger paper to make a photo mat (approx 11.5x6 depending on picture size)

*Then adhere the Antique shape that was cut earlier with the Metallique Copper Geometric paper (Tip: I used pop dots to adhere and give dimension on this)

*Take 3 pattern gems from Baubles Sienne Reverie and adhere vertically above the (2) ½” strips

*Last using what scraps are left cut (7) ½”x1.5” strips and trim the bottom edge of each to look like a ribbon & adhere below your pattern papers to the right of your photo mat

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am a Guest Designer for Making Memories

On September 22, 2011 I posted that I have some exciting news coming soon and today is the day to announce my news! I, Ashley Rock, am officially Making Memories Guest Designer =)

Making Memories contacted me a few weeks back asking if I would be interested in being their guest designer, I literally re-read the email 10x to see if I read it correctly and then double checked the email it was coming from to make sure it wasn't one of those junk e-mails that are made to look real but aren't or if one my friends was trying to play a piratical joke. After over-analyzing every part of the message and determining it was indeed the real deal I finally responded back nonchalantly with a "Sounds great, I would love to". (Fortunately for me they don't know I was really responding in a 'high pitch I cant believe they are asking me this voice' as if I were a 13 year old getting to meet Justin Bieber because I didn't use a (!!!!!!!!!) at the end of the sentence. Gotta love e-mail.)

I will re-post the projects that are being featured on their blog soon but until then head on over to the Making Memories Blog and check out the cool projects.

Monday, October 10, 2011

KOTMC November Sneak Peek!!

As you may remember from a couple of blog posts ago, I am designing the Kit Of The Month Club for Scrap Happy in Tiffin, Ohio. I thought it would be fun to have a "sneak peak" post for each kit. The sneak peak will feature 1 of the pages I create using the product from the kit. It will also help to give those of you who are in "shipping distance" and thinking about joining an idea of what my layout style is. For more information on the KOTMC click here.

Now, on to the very first sneak peek!! Below is a page using the November Kit Of The Month Club featuring My Minds Eye Lost and Found 2. This kit will be available in the store no later than November 1st but if you are interested call now to reserve your kit. Contact information listed on the link above with KOTMC information.

**Check back in a couple of weeks for the November Mid Month Kit Sneak Peek =)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Freebie Friday!!

Northridge Publishing is doing an amazing give-away today! They are giving away 2 Simple Stories lines, Generations & 25 Days of Christmas. So bounce on over there, leave them a lovely comment and check back next Friday to see if you have won!!! I must say-I own every single line that Simple Stories has produced, I just LOVE them.

**You have until Wend. October 12th to leave a comment. Good Luck =)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


For those of you who may have clicked the "Follow Me" twitter bird at the top of my page you might have realized that it does not take you to my twitter but to my layout designers twitter account-OOPS! Lol. Actually, when I had put the layout design on my blog it was automatically there, I didn't have a twitter account and just couldn't figure out how to get the bird off. So instead of taking the bird off Tiffany Henderson "convinced" me to just create a twitter account---I know, obvious answer right? Truth is I had never used Twitter before and I kind of have a phobia of starting new things until I fully understand them first. Apparently Tiffany thinks I need to face my phobia and just dive right in, publicly. If you are in for a good laugh watching me figure this out here is your chance! Here I go--- you can now follow me on twitter here -or- if you click the bird at the top right of my page it will actually take you to my twitter account now-- fancy that!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kit Of The Month Club

For those of you who love kits this post is especially for you ;). Susie, the owner of Scrap Happy in Tiffin, Ohio wants to start a Kit Of The Month Club and asked if I would be interested in being the designer for it, I think it took all of .005 seconds for me to decide and say yes!!

The KOTMC will begin in November, we will have a very limited amount of kits for the first couple of months until we get a good idea of how many people will be joining. The kits will be $20 a month if you sign up for the 6 month commitment. (At this time, I am unsure of the price if you do not sign up for the commitment). I will typically design 4 pages in each kit, but every once in a while it may vary. All kits will include full sheets of paper so if you want to create your own layout instead of the layouts I design you will easily be able to do so.

If you are interested in signing up please contact an employee at Scrap Happy as soon as you are sure, so that we are able to have enough kits for everyone in the upcoming months.

**For those of you who are interested but don't live in the area Susie does shipping! The shipping for kits will be $6 flat rate.

Scrap Happy
2445 W Market St.
(Wolf Creek Plaza)
Tiffin, Ohio 44883
Ph: (419) 443-0882

(I drove to Scrap Happy from the south side of Columbus and it only took about 1.5 hours)

Below are the first 3 kits. Lost & Found Two will be November, For The Record will be a mid-month kit November kit (this will be the only mid-month kit, we are offering this for when we run out of Lost & Found due to limited kits.) 26 Days Of Christmas will be for December.