Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Making Memories Guest Designer Projects

Project 1: Frame

Materials Used

*Any 4x6 you have on hand

*12x12 Sienne Writ Sihouette Varnish

*12x12 Metallique Geometric

*Butterflies Brun Antique Reverie

*Gold Ink

*Gems and brads Brun Antique


*Trace the inner and outer part of your frame on the top part of the 12x12 Sienne Writ Sihouette Varnish paper where the words are

*Cut out what you have traced and adhere over top of your frame (Tip: if your cutting seems a little jagged or you want a more perfect edge after you adhere this on, use a sanding tool around your edges and it will look perfect!)

*After that ink around the edges with a gold ink

*Then cut out a couple flowers & 2 butterflies from the rest of your 12x12 Sienne Writ Sihouette Varnish page and adhere the flowers toward the bottom right of your frame

*Next take the Butterflies Brun Antique Reverie and choose 2 butterflies, adhere one at the bottom next to the flowers and one toward the top right of your frame.

*Then take the 2 butterflies you cut out and adhere 1 on top of your butterfly next the flowers and the other butterfly beside it.

*Next take the gems from the gems and brads brun antique and place in the center of all you butterflies and if you would like you you can draw antennas on the butterlies as well

*After that cut the 12x12 Metallique Geometric 4 1/4 x6 ¼ & place in the picture section of your frame

*Last add a photo!!

Project 2: Double Page Layout

Materials Used

*Light brown Cardstock

*Toil & Trouble black corrugated alpha stickers

*Baubles Sienne Reverie

*Black ink

*Black Bling

*Slice Cartridges: Noteworthy & Paper Reverie

*12x12 Noir Polka Dot Rose

*12x12 Noir Pattern Dot

*12x12 Noir Ledger

*12x12 Noir Floral Butterfly (2 sheets)

*12x12 Sienne Dictionary Collage

*12x12 Metallique Copper Geometric (remainder from project 1)

Instructions: (Note: All edges were inked with a black ink pad)

Page 1: On the left

*Light Brown Cardstock is background

*Cut 12x12 Noir Floral Butterfly paper 5x10 & 1x10, then cut another 2.5x11

*Then cut a 1/2“x12 “ from 12x12 Noir Polka Dot Rose and 12x12 Noir Pattern Dot

*Next take the 5x10 Noir Floral Butterfly paper and adhere 2” from the top to the right side of the page (Floral side up)

*Then take the (2) ½”x12 strips and adhere below that, then the 2.5x11 strip below those 2 strips (word side up) and then below that adhere the last piece that is the 1x10 (floral side up)

***At this point go ahead and repeat all of these steps for Page 2, adhere all the pieces lined up with Page 1***

Page 1: Continued

*Cut photo mat using Noir Ledger paper (cut according to picture size) adhered centered amongst pattern pieces

*Using Slice Cartridge: Noteworthy, cuts the larger flower pattern toward the left. Cut the Sienna dictionary collage 4” & 2”, cut Noir pattern dot 3.5” and last cut Noir floral butterfly 2.5” Adhere Largest toward bottom left of your page & each smaller flower on top of each other. Last adhere the white rose from Baubles Sienne Reverie on top.

*Using the same Noteworthy Cartridge cut the solid antique shape on the Sienna dictionary collage 4”. Then cut it just shy of half & adhere at the top toward the left side of the page.

****Cut this same shape 4” using Metallique Copper Geometric for Page 2

*Then using the Paper Reverie Cartridge, to make the smaller flower cut Noir Pattern Dot 2.5” & 2”, adhere larger flower to the right of the other flower on your page and then adhere the smaller flower on top. Last ashere one of the pattern gems from Baubles Sienne Reverie on top.

*Using the Paper Reverie Cartridge cut the flourish using using Metallique Copper Geometric 2.5” & adhere to the right of your flower

*Again, using the Paper Reverie Cartridge cut the butterflies. Cut the Noir Floral Butterfly paper 2.5” & the dictionary collage 2” (2 butterflies). Adhere the larger butterfly above the (2) ½” strips to the left of your black mat, adhere 1 2” butterfly on top of the other butterfly. Then adhere the last butterfly above between the flowers under the black photo mat.

*Last place bling in the center of your butterflies and place a title using the Toil and Trouble black corrugated alpha at the top

Page 2: Continued

*Cut Noir Ledger paper to make a photo mat (approx 11.5x6 depending on picture size)

*Then adhere the Antique shape that was cut earlier with the Metallique Copper Geometric paper (Tip: I used pop dots to adhere and give dimension on this)

*Take 3 pattern gems from Baubles Sienne Reverie and adhere vertically above the (2) ½” strips

*Last using what scraps are left cut (7) ½”x1.5” strips and trim the bottom edge of each to look like a ribbon & adhere below your pattern papers to the right of your photo mat