Thursday, October 6, 2011


For those of you who may have clicked the "Follow Me" twitter bird at the top of my page you might have realized that it does not take you to my twitter but to my layout designers twitter account-OOPS! Lol. Actually, when I had put the layout design on my blog it was automatically there, I didn't have a twitter account and just couldn't figure out how to get the bird off. So instead of taking the bird off Tiffany Henderson "convinced" me to just create a twitter account---I know, obvious answer right? Truth is I had never used Twitter before and I kind of have a phobia of starting new things until I fully understand them first. Apparently Tiffany thinks I need to face my phobia and just dive right in, publicly. If you are in for a good laugh watching me figure this out here is your chance! Here I go--- you can now follow me on twitter here -or- if you click the bird at the top right of my page it will actually take you to my twitter account now-- fancy that!

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