Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back To Reality

Thanksgiving week we took a Rock family vacation down to Disney World--- What better place to celebrate any holiday? It was an amazing vacation and extra exciting this year on many levels....
1. My boyfriend {of 6 years} Baz was able to finally make it on his very first family vacation as well as his first trip to Disney World ever!
2. My sister, Angel had NO IDEA that her son who moved to South Carolina for work about 10 months ago was going to be making the trip to Disney--- SURPRISE!
3. My dad went this year too, first time since 2005 {he had a knee replacement and is not a fan of traveling through anything with metal detectors, cant blame him}
4. We actually went to all of the parks this year! {we usually skip the parks because we go to Disney World once-- sometimes twice a year}
5. My great-nephew Angelo was there, all the kids in our family are teens or older now, it's nice to have a little one around to keep us on our toes {and he does a good job at it!}

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip:

The Castle at night is seriously stunning!

Baz and I in front of the castle during the day

Baz and I with the amazing Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights in the background

Trying on "ears" at Downtown Disney

Baz was dying to go jet skiing, and it was TONS of fun! Jet Skiing at Bay Lakes

Our Resort- Old Key West

The Rock Family Photo

Baz and my brother-in-law Kevin had a Genji's cook off! {we called it a tie, they were both so yummy!}

My Brother-in-law Kevin was thrilled to get his photo with Pocahontas

Hopefully you all have a sense of humor as I do--- This was my FAVORITE photo of the entire trip! We were on the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride and as we rounded the corner we caught the Lion at just the right moment! Our whole bus was dying of laughter-- I am not sure why we all find something so natural so funny but ya just cant help yourself!! =)

Christian & Jevon ready to dive into the "Kitchen Sink" at Beaches and Cream

Group photo at Animal Kingdom with the Circle of Life tree in the background

So, that was basically our vacation! Of course there was tons in between but these are the main highlights ;) It was TONS of fun and I am very much looking forward to our next family vacation. Can't wait to start scrapping these photos, just in time for the winter lock up too! Once the cold weather approaches there is nothing better to do than scrap all day =)

Well, that's how I spent my holiday week, what did all of you do?? Get any good Black Friday Deals?!?

Friday, November 25, 2011

DIY Friday: Flower #2

Welcome back! It's Friday and that means it is DIY Friday =) This week I am going to show you how to make another flower. There are so many different types of flowers to make, and each one is so different! I love making flowers to add onto my scrapbook pages or to put on the front of a card. You can also make most flowers out of felt or fabric to add to clothing or on a head band {They are especially cute on headbands for newborn babies}.

Today, I am going to show you how to make this flower:

Step 1: Cut out (6) 1 1/4" circles, 1 for the base of your flower and the other 5 as petals. Also cut out (5) 1" circles. (I used a black ink on all edges of the circle)

Photo of Step 1:

Step 2: Adhere all the 1" circles on top of the 1 1/4" circle (toward the bottom & centered)

Step 3: Fold the bottom of your circle in half, staple as close to the fold as possible

Photo of Step 3:

Step 4: Open up your petal, the staple will help the flower petal to keep its shape

Photo of Step 4:

Step 5: Adhere your petals to the circle (I stapled for this part too, but I do recommend using mini glue dots rather than staples)

Photo of Step 5:

Step 6: Continue to add petals until they are all on the circle

Photo of Step 6:

Step 7: Last, add your button (or center of your choice)

Photo of Step 7:

Isn't this flower just adorable?!?!? I love it! Don't forget to check back next Friday for a new DIY project =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Decor Ideas For Crafters

Hello Everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow ;) It is almost officially time to put up decorations and start making those wonderful crafty gifts for the lucky family members and friends. I have some more inspiration in photographs for this post! I have taken all of these pictures from Pinterest, I LOVE that site.... I am seriously OBSESSED with it, so many wonderful, crafty ideas! None of these images below are mine, all were taken from various people on Pinterest. If you would like, feel free to follow me on Pinterest, here! And now on to the pictures, Enjoy!

Monday, November 21, 2011

KOTMC: Sneak Peek December 2011

It's that time! Time to reveal the "Sneak Peek" for December 2011 Kit Of The Month Club for Scrap Happy in Tiffin, Ohio. This time I am showing you a 12x12 Double page spread, there are also 2 additional single pages to this kit as well. The December KOTMC is using the Simple Stories 25 Days of Christmas Collection and contains material to complete a total of 4 12x12 pages along with instructions and photos. These kits will be available at Scrap Happy no later than December 1st so be sure to stop in and check out the rest of the pages =)

For more information regarding the KOTMC click here.

And here is your Sneak Peek:

I am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited for January's kit, I can't wait for you all to see it! There is TONS of product in it and the line we chose is BEAUTIFUL!! Seriously. You wont want to miss out on it, you will see ;)

Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Friday: Flower #1

I am starting a DIY (Do It Yourself) Friday post! So each Friday I will show you a new technique on how to make something yourself =)

For my first DIY post I thought it would be fun to make this paper flower:

Step 1: Cut several strips of paper 2"x0.5"

Step 2: Fold strips in half (top to bottom) making it 1"x0.5" , I stapled the ends together because I was out of glue dots, I do suggest using mini glue dots as your adhesive

Photo of Step 2:

Step 3: Punch out a 1 1/4 circle

Step 4: Adhere (with glue dots, again I used the staples) the folded strips along the the edge of the circle (as close or as far apart as you like them)

Photo of Step 4:

Step 5: Continue all the way around the circle

Step 6: Take the remaining strips and fill them in on the inside of your circle

Photo of Step 6:

Step 7: Last add a button in the center! (you can also add a large brad, another flower or many other things)

Photo of Step 7:

I hope you enjoyed & perhaps learned something =) Be sure to stop back next Friday for a new DIY Project.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Major Savings Alert!!!!

Ok everybody, I don't usually post about typical deals in the area stores but this one I can't pass up. Legacy Paper Arts in Powell, Ohio (just north of Columbus) sent an e-mail out this morning about their "black Friday deals" these deals are going on NOW through November 23 (they will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving and Black Friday).

Deal #1: Tim Holtz holiday ink 3 pack- 50% off...... Seriously?!?!?! Yes! These are limited edition colors, AND they are Tim Holtz! This is an amazing deal... one that I am positive can't be beat, my jaw literally dropped when I read that, I am still in shock!

Deal #2: BOGO 50% off All Thanksgiving, Autumn & Halloween items. Discount applies to lowest price item.

Deal #3: Foil Album Imprinting 20% off. Regular price is $8 per line (up to 20 characters per line) making this deal come to a total of just $6.40 per line to customize your album. We used to do this at Pizazz It! and I got one made for my Disney World 2011 Vacation, it really is a good quality way to customize your albums.

Deal #4: All We R Memory Keepers Albums are 10% off

Ok, that is all for my "Savings Alert"....... I still cant believe those distress inks are 50% off... WOW. For information on Legacy Paper Arts click here to go to their website.

While over there you can check out Scrapbook Art too, these stores are just about 5 mins away from each other so you might as well make a good crafting shopping trip out of it. (and then you can hit up Polaris mall for lunch/dinner!)

Remember- it is important to shop ALL your local mom and pop shops. =)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Digital Scrapbook Page Layout

I am not typically the type of person who likes to scrapbook digitally, I like to touch and feel and have texture to my pages (It's all personal preference). I do like the idea of hybrid albums though, where you can buy "printables" and simply download/save images, size them to fit your page (or project) and print it out.

Over the weekend I was browsing around online, looking through scrapbooking sites, getting ideas for another day when I am not too lazy to pull out all my supplies when I stumbled upon this JessicaSprague website. This site sells tons of online digital images with various companies and Jessica Sprague has her own lines as well and even a couple of free downloads to get you started.

I have never done any type of digital scrapbooking myself so I decided to try the free downloads for fun. I ended up making more of a sketch layout using the downloads, I did have a lot of fun making the page and playing around with it but I can't say I am a complete convert. For me, these are wonderful tools for adding on to your scrapbook page and great for planning out your layouts, not to mention making awesome looking sketches, but when it comes down to it and I am ready to add pictures I will be doing it by hand, the good old fashion way ;)

So here is what I did with my very first digital scrapbooking adventure:

To get these free downloads just click here and go to the kits section. Enjoy!

Also for more ideas, check out Tiffany's first digital scrapbook adventure as well, just click here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

So Far Away But So Close To My Heart

A little background first for those of you who may not know. My boyfriend {of 6 years} , Baz is originally from a very small African country called The Gambia which is located in the middle of Senegal, along the western coast line. All of his family including his mother and father still live over there. Baz and I have made the trip there twice, staying a month at a time {after taking 2 planes, 1 communal car, 3 taxis, a donkey cart and a boat just to get there you wouldn't ever go for less than a month! Lol.}

In the short time I was there I fell in love with his family, everyone was just so amazing. Honestly, even with the language barrier we all became very attached to each other. {By my 2nd trip there the kids all learned English, being able to quiz me about life in America was a great incentive to learn}

Naturally, it was the little children that really stole my heart. In Baz's family compound* there were 3 adorable little girls, Ami, Mariama & Fatou. Ami is Baz's sisters daughter, she has no fear what-so-ever! She has the funniest personality and was my partner in crime the entire time I was there. Fatou was very shy and lovable, she would just sit with me quietly and watch everyone running around. Mariama was the one who was deathly afraid of me! {I'm sure it had to do with my white skin} When I first arrived there she would scream and cry at the top of her lungs if I was in sight, she eventually calmed down and got used to me being there but never enough to let me hold her. The only time I was able to get close to Mariama was while she had a terrible cold and had no energy to attempt to cry. Lol.

What inspired today's post was this photo:

Left to Right: Fatou, Ami, Mariama

It has been nearly 1 year since I last visited The Gambia and yesterday one of the teenage boys posted this picture on facebook {thank you Mark Zuckerberk for making it easier to keep in contact with my family & being able see them through photos}. I couldn't believe it, I had to look it over several times to make sure it really was my 3 little princesses, they have all grown so much!

This photo helps explain what a *compound is:

This is Baz's family compound. There are about 6 different "houses" along this 1 row, each "house" has a common area and a bedroom or 2, in the back of each "house" there is a restroom and cooking area. This group of "houses" is enclosed by a cement fence making it a compound. Baz's family is large {like most Gambian families} so most everyone living in this compound is related, uncles, aunts, cousins all live together sharing the house hold chores such as cleaning and cooking.

I must note that Baz's family compound is considered more upper class as they have family like Baz who live in the USA and are able to send money over every month to help support them. On our 2nd trip we paid to have tile put on the ground as you can see in the picture above.

This is a picture of me and Fatou: **Note, the tile was not yet laid down & the ground was just dirt, like most Gambian homes

And this is me and Mariama, while she was sick of course!:

Last, me and my partner in crime Ami:

All of these pictures were from my 2nd trip, can't you see how much the little ones have grown??? It is so hard being so far away from all of them and impossible for us to visit them every year. {Unfortunately affording the price of tickets and taking an entire month off work is not something we are able to do annually} But with social media such as facebook I can at least get random updates by photos and watch them grow, {im}patiently awaiting for another trip to see them in person. <3

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspiring Images!

Sometimes I like to search the 'net for interesting photographs or items to inspire me with crafting, weather it be making a home decor item, scrapbook page, card or a gift for a friend. I recently learned of a website called Pinterest, you have to be invited to join the site and I am still awaiting acceptance but I was able to look at some images and below I have posted some things I have found to inspire me for my upcoming crafting days. Hopefully you will be inspired too!

None of these images are my own (though I wish I would have come up with these ideas myself! lol) I typically will tag where they came from but in the mix of randomly saving them I cant remember where they all came from. But I do know they were all found at the website listed above. Thanks & Enjoy!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Authentique "Gathering" Layout

On Saturday I went to the Toll Gate crop & garage sale. I had a lot of fun catching up with people I had not seen since Pizazz It's doors closed. I can't say that I was able to get a lot of scrappin done, I was too busy chattin and catching up with everyone but I did manage to squeeze out 1 layout!

This layout is using the Authintique "Gathering" line. Do you see a theme here? I am pretty sure my last few posts have involved Authentique in some way...... Thanks Tiffany for making me obsessed with this awesome company! And as you can see I managed to do yet another layout without pictures but this time I have an excuse (ok, I always have an excuse... but this one is legit! Lol!) I made this page as a sample for Scrap Happy.

Ok, so here is the layout:

Materials Used:
* 2 blue cardstock
*1 brown cardstock
*Gathering Paper-Bloom
*Gathering Paper-Harmony
*Gathering Paper-Reminisce
*Gathering 6x8 Tabloids
*Gathering 4x6 Headline
*Kaiser bling strip-orange

Friday, November 4, 2011

KOTMC Sneak Peek: Mid Month November 2011

To all of you Kit of the Month Clubbers, here is your November Mid Month release "sneak peek"! But first, a little about the KOTMC if you are new to my blog and haven't made it around to visit the previous posts yet. This is a monthly club for Scrap Happy in Tiffin, Ohio, I was asked by the owner, Susie if I would like to be the designer for her kit club and of course I said YES!!! {Just feed my addiction!! LOL.} If you would like more information on the KOTMC visit the Scrap Happy blog post here -or- you can click on the tab at the top of my blog labeled "Kit of the Month Club".

November 2011's kit club mid month release is: Echo Park-For The Record. Below is a picture of the For The Record line to give you an idea as to what the kit theme is (not actual kit):

And Finally, here is your November 2011 Mid Month release:

This sneak peak is 1 12x12 page layout, the kit makes a total of 4 pages, 2 single and 1 double page layout. If you are interested in signing up for the 6 month commitment or would just like this kit, please contact an employee at Scrap Happy. Contact information can be found here on their website.

****Extra Note: For all you "Local People" in the Columbus, Ohio area I will be at the Toll Gate (elementary school) garage sale tomorrow, ridding my overloaded scrapbook stock pile. So if you are not doing anything between 10am-12pm stop on by and check it out, there will be several people selling so you are bound to find something you cant live without!! For more information click here.

Have a Happy Friday Everyone!