Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Digital Scrapbook Page Layout

I am not typically the type of person who likes to scrapbook digitally, I like to touch and feel and have texture to my pages (It's all personal preference). I do like the idea of hybrid albums though, where you can buy "printables" and simply download/save images, size them to fit your page (or project) and print it out.

Over the weekend I was browsing around online, looking through scrapbooking sites, getting ideas for another day when I am not too lazy to pull out all my supplies when I stumbled upon this JessicaSprague website. This site sells tons of online digital images with various companies and Jessica Sprague has her own lines as well and even a couple of free downloads to get you started.

I have never done any type of digital scrapbooking myself so I decided to try the free downloads for fun. I ended up making more of a sketch layout using the downloads, I did have a lot of fun making the page and playing around with it but I can't say I am a complete convert. For me, these are wonderful tools for adding on to your scrapbook page and great for planning out your layouts, not to mention making awesome looking sketches, but when it comes down to it and I am ready to add pictures I will be doing it by hand, the good old fashion way ;)

So here is what I did with my very first digital scrapbooking adventure:

To get these free downloads just click here and go to the kits section. Enjoy!

Also for more ideas, check out Tiffany's first digital scrapbook adventure as well, just click here.

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  1. I love Jessica Sprague! She was the very first digital scrapbooker that I knew of back in the day when I think it was relatively new. =)