Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Friday: Flower #1

I am starting a DIY (Do It Yourself) Friday post! So each Friday I will show you a new technique on how to make something yourself =)

For my first DIY post I thought it would be fun to make this paper flower:

Step 1: Cut several strips of paper 2"x0.5"

Step 2: Fold strips in half (top to bottom) making it 1"x0.5" , I stapled the ends together because I was out of glue dots, I do suggest using mini glue dots as your adhesive

Photo of Step 2:

Step 3: Punch out a 1 1/4 circle

Step 4: Adhere (with glue dots, again I used the staples) the folded strips along the the edge of the circle (as close or as far apart as you like them)

Photo of Step 4:

Step 5: Continue all the way around the circle

Step 6: Take the remaining strips and fill them in on the inside of your circle

Photo of Step 6:

Step 7: Last add a button in the center! (you can also add a large brad, another flower or many other things)

Photo of Step 7:

I hope you enjoyed & perhaps learned something =) Be sure to stop back next Friday for a new DIY Project.

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