Friday, November 25, 2011

DIY Friday: Flower #2

Welcome back! It's Friday and that means it is DIY Friday =) This week I am going to show you how to make another flower. There are so many different types of flowers to make, and each one is so different! I love making flowers to add onto my scrapbook pages or to put on the front of a card. You can also make most flowers out of felt or fabric to add to clothing or on a head band {They are especially cute on headbands for newborn babies}.

Today, I am going to show you how to make this flower:

Step 1: Cut out (6) 1 1/4" circles, 1 for the base of your flower and the other 5 as petals. Also cut out (5) 1" circles. (I used a black ink on all edges of the circle)

Photo of Step 1:

Step 2: Adhere all the 1" circles on top of the 1 1/4" circle (toward the bottom & centered)

Step 3: Fold the bottom of your circle in half, staple as close to the fold as possible

Photo of Step 3:

Step 4: Open up your petal, the staple will help the flower petal to keep its shape

Photo of Step 4:

Step 5: Adhere your petals to the circle (I stapled for this part too, but I do recommend using mini glue dots rather than staples)

Photo of Step 5:

Step 6: Continue to add petals until they are all on the circle

Photo of Step 6:

Step 7: Last, add your button (or center of your choice)

Photo of Step 7:

Isn't this flower just adorable?!?!? I love it! Don't forget to check back next Friday for a new DIY project =)


  1. Cute flower. I really should make flowers, after all I took Kerrie's flower class. I love your flowers too, and I know they would make all of my projects so much cuter. :-)

  2. You should, Lisa!!! And I want to see one on a post of yours soon ;)