Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Friday: Felt Flower #3

Today's DIY Friday comes to you from Tiffany Henderson at I Am My Design. Most of you I am sure know, but for those who don't, Tiffany is one of my BFF's, since the 6th grade actually when my parents tricked me into going to catholic school by making me think they wanted me to go to a certain Columbus public school, I had 2 options and made the rebellious choice of the Catholic school or at least thought that I was making the rebellious choice, haha {true story}.

Anyway, Tiffany and I have been BFF's since 6th grade and "when we grew up" ended up working together at my moms shop Pizazz It! Scrapbooks. (To check out her blog click here), now that Pizazz It has closed {thanks to a certain big business wanting our exact store location and forcing us out when there were plenty of other open spots they could of had, JustSayin} we are putting out brains together and coming up with our own "business plan"--- you will want keep up with our blogs and/or Pizazz It's e-mail blast {click here and then click on join mailing list to sign up} to stay up to date as things progress, we are hoping to be putting our "plans" together beginning of 2012 {just keep an eye out}.

Oh yeah, back to DIY Friday--- how did I get that off topic? So, as I was trying to say--- I was on vacation all last week {DISNEY!} and thought for sure when I got back into town I would be able to put together a DIY Friday post but I have been slacking since I got back {my excuse is because I was sick.... though I have been feeling better since Monday lol} so I am presenting you with a DIY Friday from my partner in crime Tiffany, she made this wonderful tutorial and used it in this blog post. I love it, and it works great with paper too, though the felt is so much more beautiful!

Try it out yourself! And if you do a post using the flower be sure to hook me up with a link so I can view it too and see how you used this lovely flower! {I can totally see this flower looking amazing with materials on a shirt, or a barrette or on a head band.... so many options beyond scrapbooking/card making!!} Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Thanks for including my tutorial, partner (in crime)! Can't wait for 2012!

  2. Hi, Ashley,

    As a former Pizazz It Card Club member, I'm so glad I found your blog. Thanks so much for these tutorials on making flowers.

    Any suggestions/tips/ideas from you or Tiffany on how to make some poinsettias for holiday cards?

  3. Sybrina, it's like you read my mind! I will be doing poinsettias in a post on Wed or Thurs so check my blog around then. Hopefully that will be in time to help you out! =)

  4. Hey Sybrina! Thanks for finding and reading my blog ;) I do have 2 different ways to make poinsettias in mind, I will make them this week and post it for my DIY Friday this week for you! Thanks for asking =)