Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boy Layout or Disney Page!

Hello! Today I have a layout to share =) I know it is sooooo hard to find good boy pages/lines out there but Best Creations has a perfect line for you all with boys, "Robot"!! {okay, and I have to say, I dont have a boy to use this layout on but this layout is also perfect for, and will be used by me for Tomorrowland at Disney World!!}

Here is my page, it was designed for and on display at Scrap Happy.

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  1. hi ashley! very cute layout!! i haven't seen that line before from best creations--very cute!! just signed up to follow you!!

  2. I think it's a total boy layout but would work amazingly well for Disney!! I think your choice for Tomorrowland photos will work great!

  3. I love this layout for boys also. I think it would work great with heritage boy also! Love Penny