Monday, March 5, 2012

Scrapbook Sketch Books Are Ready!!

Surprise, Surprise, Designs By Ashley Rock: 12x12 Scrapbook Sketches is ready to be purchased, click here to buy! {Get excited!!} You know I had promised the beginning of April but in an amazing turn of events the books are ready early- WOO-HOO!!!

Designs By Ashley Rock: 12x12 Scrapbook Sketches is a sketch book unlike any other! This book is very compact at 8"x5.5" and light weight so you can easily take it to classes, crops, retreats or travel. Inside you'll find over 45 original one and two page sketches with easy to follow measurements. Plus find real color page samples and helpful hints and tips along the way.

A MAJOR thank you is in order--- THANK YOU, Tiffany Henderson at I Am My Design for making the layout and design of the book look absolutely amazing and stunning! She has been a little absent from her blog lately-- and that is because she has been so dedicated to making this book a success, so stop on over to her site and show her some love ;)


  1. YAY! I can't believe they came back from the publisher so fast! Happy selling!

  2. This looks awesome! Congrats!!

  3. I'm so excited for you and Tiffany! I want 2 ... why not! A great gift idea for any ol' scrapbooker! I am going to put this info on the Toll Gate Crop page and get the word out... you still plan on coming to the crop on Apr. 14th, right? I will announce a book signing !! YAY! you're famous :)

    1. Yes Bonnie! I will be there with my Sharpie! Can't wait!

  4. Congrats on your book, you must be so proud :)

  5. Congrats:) I just found you by chance and I LOVE your work!!!! I have to wait till after April 1st to buy your book but it's on my wish list:)

  6. Hi Ashley, thanks for popping by my blog! I love your scrapbook layouts; congrats on publishing a book! I would love to do more scrapbooking but I never take good enough photos to display in layouts!
    Ellie (