Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kaisercraft: Seaside

Ever have a 6x6 paper pad laying around and you are just dying to use it for a layout? Yup, that's how I was feeling, I love using 6x6 paper pads for layouts because the patterns on the 6x6 pads are much tighter and I personally think it makes for a better pattern when using bits and pieces.

Today I made a layout using Kaisercrafts: Seaside collection from the 6x6 paper pad. It was perfect for the beach pictures I had from my trip to The Gambia. I cut out several 1/2" strips of different lengths, layed out my photo's and it just came together!

As I mentioned above, this layout is from our last trip to The Gambia, Baz and I took a day off from spending time with his family to lay out and drink freshly made mango juice on the beautiful beach. I had a great time just relaxing, watching the waves crash and listening to reggae {mainly Bob Marley} in the background. We also did a little horse back riding on the beach {and paid a whopping $4 to do so!} but more on that in another post ;)

Materials Used:
*Kaisercrafts: Seaside 6x6 paper pad
*Kaisercrafts: Black Rhinestones
*Basicgrey: Max & Whiskers-Bloomers
*2 White cardstock
*Blue Mist 


  1. Ashley, I love it. I love that you used 6x6 paper! I love the layout!! I love the pictures!!

  2. What nice photos and memories. And I love how you used the 6x6 papers. I buy 6x6 pads all the time as a way of getting all the patterns in a collection without spending a fortune, so I'm always on the lookout for a good way to use them on my layouts. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

  3. Hmm it's never occurred to me but you're right! Plus you can print photos smaller and save ink!!! I'm going to try this! I really like the layout with the strips! Great design. Thanks for the kick in the pants! Also thanks for your continued support over on my blog- I really appreciate it!

  4. Love your layout. What a great use of the 6x6 papers.

  5. Sounds like a great time on the beach!! :)
    Love the paper strips!

  6. I have tons of 6x6 pads laying around and never use them. Thanks for sharing your sketch! I'm hoping I'll actually use them now. :)

  7. I've never given 6x6 pads much thought, but the fact that the pattern is tighter is a really good point. I may have to pick one up now :D Great layout! I've always wanted to go horse back riding on the $4 is a steal!

  8. Love your use of the patterned paper! Looks like an amazing trip!

  9. Sweet layout! So nicely done.

  10. Love those paper strips and your photos are great!