Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Yellow Bicycle: Saturdays Layout

Little Yellow Bicycle "Saturdays" is a line that I absolutely fell in love with!!! The colors are amazing and the texture of the paper is unlike any other. This is a layout that I designed for Cord Camera Scrapbooking Studio.

 This layout is when Baz and I took his mom to see Chicago! Baz's mom lived with us in Ohio for 5 months last summer/fall when she came to visit the United States for her very first time. She flew into NYC and Baz drove there to pick her up, she was very overwhelmed by all the large buildings at that point, but after living with us in Ohio for about 3 months we thought she might like a change of scenery since she had time to adjust. It was a very long day but we decided to make it a 1 day trip, so we woke up at 5am to head to Chicago, we arrived around 11am and checked out Navy Pier, walked around the Magnificent Mile and then we took her to the Willis Tower (Formerly known as the Sears Tower). As someone who has never been higher than the 2nd floor of a building she was nervous! We calmed her and promised it'd be okay, once she got up top she was amazed at the view, absolutely loved it, but of course there was one last fear we had to make her concur! There was a glass floor where you could stand on it and see all the buildings below, at first she was reluctant, but we talked her into standing on it for a picture, she got on, we snapped the picture and she ran off the second we told her we were done. LOL. Next we headed over to get some Chicago style pizza and then we were back on the road going to Columbus. It was a wonderful trip and she was glad she got to see it but at the end of the day she told Baz how glad she is that he does not live in one of those tall buildings. =)

Materials Used:

*(2) Kraft Cardstock, (1) Indigo Cardstock
*Easy Breezy
*Burlap Bag
*Lose Yourself
*Decorative edge cardstock
*Felt and burlap flowers
*Cardstock Stickers
*Tear out trinkets and Journaling card book
*6x6 Deco Edge Cardstock
*Cats Eye Ink: Chesnut
*Knockout punch: scallop with holes


  1. great job! i really love this collection!

  2. Super 2 pager! I loved creating with that collection too!!

  3. Great job. The colours in this collection are so nice and vibrant.

  4. Oh my gosh, that sounds like such a fun trip, tiring but fun. I have to say...I would stay on the round and wave hi! I cannot do it...my hands start to sweat thinking of it...and a glass floor...not going to happen! Love the layout, especially a 2 page, the colors, I haven't seen that line, but I love it!

  5. Great layout! I do love LYB.

  6. Love the 2page lo. The visit sounded wonderful

  7. Wonderful page! I'd be a little freaked standing on that glass floor too!

  8. Great layout and I loved the story about her being afraid of heights! It sounds like you had a ball! Love Penny

  9. Wonderful layout.
    such a sweet story :)