Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Yellow Bicycle: Swoon, Guest Book

Wedding season is definitely upon us, ant that means for us wedding goers we need fun & cool gift ideas for our fellow friends and family members who are getting hitched! I made this guest book out of a Maya Roads mini album using Little Yellow Bicycles "swoon" collection, this is also a project that I made for Cord Camera Scrapbook Studio.

A guest book is a wonderful pre-wedding gift to give to your future bride/groom. Below I have pictures of the guest book put together to show how you can display it after the wedding to give a good idea, but what I would do is I would cut several 3x3 squares out of cardstock and leave them on a table for everybody to sign and write a memory or suggestions for the future to the bride and groom, have a closed box that they can place the written on squares so they don't get lost. After the wedding take the squares and arrange them inside the book!

Guest Book:

** I recommend making several pocket pages so you can fit several on one page, and have a couple pages where you display the more personal messages.

Materials Used:

*6x6 paper pad
*Maya Road Book
*American Crafts Thickers: Marquise
*Paper Flower Kit
*Stick Pins
*5 Things Envelopes
*Chipboard Shapes
*Pearl & Jewel Stickers
*Clear Cuts
*Dimensional Stickers


  1. i saw this at cord graceland when i was there last weekend and this is so cute!! great job

  2. This is a fabulous idea Ashley!!

  3. A wonderful way to capture the day. Just lovely! EllenBee

  4. Gorgeous album! Personal and handmade makes it so much more special for that special day. Love this.

  5. This looks great! I love it! :)

  6. That is really a great album! And you are so right.. an excellent idea for a pre wedding gift.