Friday, July 13, 2012

We R Memory Keepers: On The Boardwalk Layout

Good Morning! 
Wow, I have been very absent lately. July is proving to be a tough month for me to keep up on my blog posts, so many distractions from wind storms causing tons of us to be without power & damages to our homes to just wanting to relax in the extreme heat by the pool, but alas I am back with posts ;)

Below I have a layout that I made for Cord Scrapbook Studio's using We R Memory Keepers "On The Boardwalk" Collection.

Oh how I wish I could be back on the beaches in The Gambia, I miss it so much. On this day Baz and I took a break from spending the evening in his family's compound and decided to go to the beach to relax and go horseback riding. We walked along the coastline until we found a couple of guys with available horses, as we approached them they greeted us with British English accents (The Gambia has a ton of European tourists, predominately from The UK), "Ell-o, will you like a ride on the beach?" We tell them maybe, and ask how much (I let Baz do the talking to bargain and speak in the local language to get a fair price) They settle on a price equivalent to $4 and the guys switch back to their British English "Is that a fair price, princess?" These are the first actual words I have spoken to them "Yeah, that works." And that's when they realized that we are American, next thing out their mouths was "Yo, yo, yo, yo,yo, New YORK, what-up, yo, your American, maaan?" We were cracking up, it was too funny how quick they switched from their British English to their "American English", we talked & answered questions throughout our 30 minute ride, listened to their American English imitations and promised to give their regards to Barack Obama.

Material List:

*Bazzill Cardstock-(2) Vanilla
*Layered Chipboard
*Prima Flowers
*Cats eye Ink: Chesnut


  1. Funny story about how they talked with you :)

    And I love your photo cluster design!

  2. LOL, I love the story. You always have the best stories behind your los.
    Love the lo, pretty papers.

  3. Great story....and layout of course!