Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Echo Park: Homemade Layout

Mornin', today I have a double page layout that I designed for Cord Scrapbook Studio using Echo Park's "Homemade" collection. 

This is yet another layout that I made from my last trip to The Gambia--- I think I may be scrapping this trip FOREVER! Lol. The layout is of Baz's family's compound (home) where his mom, dad, brothers, sisters and many other cousins, aunts, uncles all live together. In the common area where everybody hangs out, does laundry and pretty much spends most of their time the ground has always been dirt which is standard for Gambian compounds, but Baz wanted to make it not only look much nicer but make it easier to keep everything clean (imagine all the dirt simply from all those people running in and out of the house all day!), so he had it tiled and boy did it turn out beautifully! It only took about 3 days to complete and their compound looks so different! Everybody loved it, it is a great feeling knowing that we were able to do this for his family and as time goes on hopefully we will still be able to help them out to improve their living standards, one step at a time. 

Material List:
*Kraft Cardstock (2)
*Sticker Accents
*Homemade Stripe
*Homemade Journaling
*Stickles: Black Diamond
*Bazzill Wayfarer Deco Tape
*Catseye Creamy Brown

And here are some of the pictures used in my layout, I have to share so you can see the great detail in their tile work: 

Before: Dirt Ground:

Making Cement:

Breaking and laying tile by hand:

After: Amazingly beautiful tile:


  1. That mosaic work is amazing! How pretty...and so is your layout!

  2. Great layout and that mosaic tile work is so beautiful. :)