Monday, September 17, 2012

Bazzill Wayfarer: Banjul Market!

Today I am sharing with you another layout that I made for Cord Scrapbook Studio using the Bazzill Wayfarer Collection! I highly, highly, highly recommend this line, I love the texture and weight to this collection, not to mention the patterns and colors are stunning too! 

I have been noticing in pictures that most of the tshirts I wear are scrapbook vendor tshirts--- LOL. You know you are a scrap-addict when most of your wardrobe consists of scrapbook vendor tshirts! I always get a lot of questions and comments on them too--- love it!

One hot afternoon I wandered off to the Banjul Market with Baz and his sister Koria, I was on a mission to buy some fabric to get some traditional african outfits made. We are walking around looking at all the different patterns and textures, I love it, it is like buying scrapbook paper that you can have turned into an outfit! I purchased a couple different fabrics and as we are walking around I spot this man selling watermelons. In The Gambia you can really only buy food that is in season and for whatever reason while I am there I get the strangest cravings, I had been telling Baz for about a week at that point that I need a watermelon, I just have to have one. So, when I saw that man across the way selling slices of watermelon I was overwhelmed with joy! I yelled for Baz and Koria and ran over to that man and got what my little heart (or perhaps, stomach) had been desiring. It was the tastiest watermelon I ever ate, and I was on cloud 9! After consuming my watermelon I was at peace............ until the next day when I craved pizza, oye!

Material List:

*12x12 pack
*pretty buttons
*paper tape
*stickles: Black Diamond


  1. Love how you made a frame out of washi tape!

  2. Lovely layout!! I love all the layering down the right side!! have a super hard word verification I'm on my 4th attempt!!

  3. What a cool idea the way you used the washi tape (like a frame or paper layer.) Love your story too.