Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bazzill Wayfarer Double Page Layout

Today I am sharing with you a double page layout that I made for Cord Scrapbook Studio using the Bazzill "wayfarer" collection. This collection may be one of my absolute favorite lines, (it's so hard to have a favorite but this is def in the running!). I really like the soft colors and the patterns that went along with this collection, it is a fabulous travel line!

This layout is of the actual traveling Baz and I did to get from Ohio to The Gambia, which trust me, was an adventure all  on its own (And it's a good thing I LOOOOVE adventures)! We left for the Columbus airport around 8am on a Saturday morning all bright and perky, filled with excitement to see Baz's family. Everything goes fairly smoothly (and by fairly smoothly, I mean we didn't end up having to leave the Columbus Airport and reschedule another flight for the next day out of a Washington DC airport and drive all the way there in a rush like the last time--- but that's a whole other travel story!) Like I was saying--- "fairly smoothly", we get checked in and go through the scanner, I go through no problem but Baz's pants with "bling" on them set off the detector (whoops, we forgot about that!) so he gets the extra pat down, which by now he is used to--- his name usually gets him the extra pat down anyway. We are grabbing his carry on's when he suddenly realizes he cant find his green card, a fairly big problem to have while in an airport and leaving/entering the country. I'm trying to calm him down and telling him to check certain places, his pockets, wallet, outside zippers but it does not help because he is freaking out. The airport workers are all looking around trying to help him find it, checking under machines and everything, after about 3 minutes which felt more like 30 Baz found it--- in his back pocket. Men.

So after that minor fiasco we board our first flight, a little over an our to JFK where we have our layover. Once we arrive we get lunch and browse around until our next flight which we board perfectly fine and prepare ourselves for the next 7 hours in the air. Thank God our flights were relatively smooth because when we landed in Senegal we had enough energy for all the chaos, we got through customs fine, got the passports stamped and headed off to get out luggage---- which is where the chaos began. Now, African airports aren't quite as organized as American ones in the first place so I don't have high expectations to begin with, but I have to say I was not prepared when we arrived at the luggage area, stood around for about 15 minutes and then all the airline workers decide since the conveyor belts are not working to go ahead and just throw everyone luggage out on the floor for people to trample over each other and find our own bags and it's not just our flight's luggage either, there were about two other planes full of people whose luggage was all thrown everywhere. I stood off to the side with the carry on's while Baz went into the crazy crowd (imagine everybody there is a pre-teen and the luggage is Justin Bieber--- that's what it was like!) After about an hour Baz managed to find all 4 of our bags and we went outside to meet his friend Yusuf who was waiting for us.

From there the three of us caught a taxi to get us to the car park. A car park is pretty much a large parking lot filled with cars from the late 1980's early 1990's with certain cars set to go to certain long distant routs. You find a car that is traveling where you are wanting to go and looks like it wont be breaking down on the way--- Yusuf does this for us because he is a pro! Now we just have to wait for other people to come who are heading the same place as us but that did not take long,I am not sure weather I attracted the other passengers to the car or if it was just a coincidence but after I sat down to wait two other white people who I could tell were not traveling together end up in the same car. Being my second time traveling here I knew this was not the typical tourist way of traveling, it was more of the way locals went so I was surprised.  We all settle in for the 7 hour drive and set off on the long, dusty, bumpy road. I find out along the ride the one lady is from Germany and she was visiting because she heard how amazing it was and she wanted to travel in such a way as locals do to gain full experience, we talked about Germany, The Gambia and America. The second girl was sitting in the seat behind me in a packed car so it was hard to try and talk to her but at one of the rest stops at a local market we started talking and I was excited to find out she is a fellow American who was in the Peace Corps and stationed in The Gambia! I was meeting up with some Peace Corps people in a few days for some supplies I had shipped to donate to them and she had heard about me and the supplies, it's funny how small the world can be!

Several hours later we arrive at the car park near the boarder, from there we take a donkey cart to get to the actual boarder. We go in and get our passports straightened out and then take a taxi to get us to Barra, a city in The Gambia where we need to get on our next transportation system----- a ferry boat! We sit there waiting for the boat and buy some bread and water from the vendors to tide us over for now. All 3 of the boats were up and running so it was not too long of a wait, only about 20 mins. We get our tickets and board the ferry along with hundreds of other passengers. We sit and relax as the wind blows on us and keeps us all cooled off, I buy another water from a vendor on the boat and watch as the ferry begins to dock, our journey to our destination is nearly over. We get off the ferry and catch our last taxi that will take us to Baz's family compound, as we pull up everyone is out front awaiting our arrival and the happiness and tears begin! We have made it home safely.

Travel Summery:
*1 short plane ride
*1 long plane ride
*1 taxi ride
*1 looong shared car ride
*1 donkey cart ride
*1 more taxi ride
*1 ferry ride
*1 last taxi ride
And all with 4 checked type of luggage, 2 book bags and 2 carry on size luggage. Lol, We have become traveling pro's.

Material List:

*Bazzill paper flower: Yukon Gold
*4x6 journaling cards
*12x12 paper pack
*Catseye: Creamy Brown
*Prety Buttons
*Brown Twine
*Paper Tape


  1. Wow, your mom must be a nervous wreck, hah. What a journey. I bet you had a good time with his parents.

  2. Great layout-I love the story behind it-what an amazing adventure!

  3. Nice layout, but that was a nerve wracking trip. Goodness (I was nervous all day yesterday as my husband was on 3 national planes)

  4. That's quite the story! Love the layout too!

  5. what a story.. love the layout! great job.. your blog is awesome..