Monday, September 24, 2012

BoBunny Camp-A-Lot: Adventure Layout!

Today I have a layout to share with you that I made for Cord Scrapbook Studio using the BoBunny "Camp-A-Lot" collection! This collection is great for so many different things such as camping trips, wondering around in the woods, bike rides, fishing, picnics, trips to the park or any ol' guy thing! It could just be me, or an Ohio thing--- I am not sure, but I am obsessed with the outdoors and random adventures so this line had my name written alllllllll over it!

I am always up for an adventure, especially when it is a new place that I have not yet been to! Tiffany and I had set out to Hocking Hills and went to Cantwell Cliffs to take pictures and enjoy nature. We spent a good hour or so hiking before setting off to try another park--- only after a few minutes in the car the GPS lost signal and we could not find our way to the next park (what did we do before GPS again?) With nowhere to stop and ask directions we back tracked our steps to get us back to the main freeway, slightly disappointed that our adventure ended sooner than we wanted we began to head home. It didn't take long for our disappointment to wear off, we soon were distracted by a sign directing to Clear Creek Metro Park (perhaps a "sign" saying "your adventure is not over!"), neither of us having ever been there we both looked at each other and said "Let's Go!".

We arrive at Clear Creek within minutes, it was not far off the freeway at all. Excited we get out our camera and walk along the grassy path enjoying the view of the lake and trees along the way. After a while we decide we better turn around and head back before the sun begins to set. We make it most of the way back without a hitch, until I feel something brush against my legs and I do a little jump, Tiffany turns around and starts screaming and running! Now I know if Tiffany is running than I need to book it, so without even knowing what brushed up against my legs I run and run and run while screaming and yelling at Tiffany to tell me what it was that touched me! We stop running once we are close enough to the parking lot and Tiffany catches her breath enough to tell my it was a snake and it was approx 3ft long and in mid air when she saw it. I'm not typically scared of snakes but a 3ft snake in mid air attempting to attack my legs is one I am not a fan of either.

Happy and a bit overwhelmed in the success of our adventure we get in the car to take off and head home, back to the city where snakes don't typically randomly attack people. Only---- half way home I realize I don't have my cell phone anymore. Oh no, I need my phone! So after a 5 second debate we head back to death valley and put on our brave faces as we tip toe on grounds we once peacefully walked along not even an hour before to look for my phone. Unsuccessful at finding my phone we determined the snake must have taken it since its attack on me did not satisfy him. We once again head back home only to first stop by Verizon to get me a new phone..... Naturally they man working there asked what happened to my phone, I took a deep breath and told him my story while Tiffany is hysterically laughing. I really am not sure he believed me, he had the strangest look of disbelief on his face--- I swear Verizon guy, it's true! (I can not make this stuff up!).

Finally, I am back home and must start messaging everyone for their numbers (because I am not smart enough to do the backup online, oops), imagine telling this story 105x! Oh boy, it definitely made for a good laugh. Next time, I will be sure to make my phone first priority when running. 

Material List:

*Bazzill Honeycomb Cardstock (2)
*12” Campalot
*In The Woods
*Cut Outs