Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Unrelated Topic: Earn Coupons & Gift Cards

So this post is not scrapbook or craft related, but it could help you save money to buy more supplies (so it's kinda related... right? I know-- it's a stretch, lol). Anyway, I came across this website last week called Recyclebank and basically it's a site where you read articles, play games, take quizzes to earn points. Your points accumulate and then you can trade your points in for items as small as coupons of everyday household cleaning products to items as big as $10 gift cards to places like Steak and Shake or Walmart.

I just opened this account last week and I've already redeemed points for $10 off two entree's at Ruby Tuesday and a $10 Ruby Tuesday Giftcard, so I was pretty excited about it and wanted to spread the word along to you! (Hmm--- that sounds like a sales pitch, it's not, I promise) Anywho, if this is the type of thing your into I definitely suggest checking it out =]. Click Here to take a looksie. 

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